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Tansy from Epsom

Please read the full message:

I currently have one appointment opening up starting Tuesday 5th September at 11am, and two more appointments opening up on Friday 9th October at 1&3pm.

Acupuncture  may assist in:
* Pain management
* Stress
* Fatigue
* Insomnia
* Emotions
* Skin conditions
* Digestive issues
* Women’s health
* Plus many other conditions, or generally assist in a path towards wellness.

I am in my last year of 4 years study, all sessions are fully supervised at the student clinic by a qualified practitioner

As this is a student clinic and we are required to get a set amount of hours we do ask patients to commit to 6-9 treatments one each week. We also ask that if you do need to cancel one session, that you tell us 24hrs in advance so we are able to temporarily fill in the session to keep up with our required hours.

If you’re interested please PM me or email for further details. Our student clinic is located in Epsom - 382c Manukau Road, Auckland.

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ConfiDental focus on biomimetic dentistry

ConfiDental Hillsborough

Hi neighbours, I'm Dr. Siri Reddy. I have 12 years of experience with dentistry and orthodontics. My aim is to make NZ’s best dental services available to everyone.

I treat simple cavities to complex full mouth rehabilitation. I focus on biometric dentistry and overtreating is not my policy. I just treat what needs to be done, giving you a genuine and honest opinion on your teeth.

I am also a certified Invisalign provider spreading many confident smiles over Auckland. I have been successfully treating various malocclusion with simple solutions. I am an expert in doing metal, ceramic and invisible braces, having done my Masters in Orthodontics.

We have got all the latest technology in our practice. We do 3D guided implant technology, 3D CAD-CAM crown technology, Invisalign, laser dentistry, digital x-rays, keyhole Implant surgery, air abrasion etc. which helps us be more precise and accurate in our diagnosis and treatment. Minimally invasive Implant surgery with just a keyhole punch. Fewer sutures, less bleeding and swelling and speedy recovery. Faster and more precise surgery.

We customise plans to suit every budget, with interest-free payment plans and free consultations, free second opinions and a full exam for only $69. We have lots of specials and offers in-house, please call us to find out more.

We are doing our best to help the people in our community maintain their dental health. We support our community both physically and financially to achieve this goal.

Contact us on 09 625 1411 or book online. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help you. Find us at 150 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough.
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Sharing excess food in a kind way

Ellen Neighbourly Lead from Sandringham

Hi all, whether you have an old cardboard box or a shelf or make a little quirky thing like I have, it is really great to see how well people take up the unprejudiced sharing offer when I put my surplus fruit and rescued bread out there. Everything makes a difference for some people - and the nice thing is, other people are now adding their surplus so it has turned itself into a small Pataka Kai. And I get to pick the odd avocado somebody puts in there as a win-win.
Just take a minute a d think whether you have extra.