39 days ago

Joy, the Internet is Here!

Andrea from Morningside

The internet is here!
Oh jolly good we said
We can persecute the living
And celebrate the dead

We’ll talk up all the old things
And make the present bad
And look forward to a future
That no one yet has had

We’ll become experts in all matters
That once were out of our bounds
And run select secret societies
All hidden underground

We’ll mine for money whilst sleeping
And see planets beyond the moon
Whilst never leaving our armchairs
Or the comfort of our room

And when the children’s voices
Vanish from the streets
We’ll put it down to friends on Facebook
And watch their Google meets

We’ll research how to garden
And go online and buy the tools
Then contact our local handyman
Because we’re told outside is for the fools

We'll be asked by the Facebook Gods
'What is on your minds'
And answer them with integrity
and then be moderated for being unkind

Yes, the Internet has made man-kind
And for that we are forced to pay
Without the knowing of what the future holds
As for hindsight, we’ll turn that knowledge away

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6 minutes ago

Soups and Salads

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

It has been an exciting two weeks for our Foundation students learning some classic dishes. Here are some of their delicious dish photos.

1. Pea and ham soup
2. Waldorf salad made up of potatoes, capers, gherkins and streaky bacon
3. French onion soup
4. Vegetable Lasagne with Béchamel sauce

1 day ago

Guy Fawkes 2021 - Time again to protect the Tūpuna Maunga

The Team from Auckland Council

The Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau have provided safe haven for us all during the 2021 COVID-19 lockdowns (as they did last year), and now it’s our turn to protect these precious taonga.

The Maunga will be closed to the public in the evenings during Guy Fawkes 2021.

3 hours ago

Time Change. And maybe your will should too.

Public Trust

You’ve built a life around the things and people that matter most. Updating your will is your opportunity to make sure the people and things you love are looked after when you pass away. It’s easy to update your will with Public Trust and we’ll help you answer important questions like…. Read our latest blog about it at the link below.