39 days ago

Yard Sale Extravaganza this Saturday

Amber from Westmere

Hi folks, we will have our yard sale one Saturday soon! In the mean time stay well, be kind.

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1 day ago

Kelmarna Farm Cattle

Caro Neighbourly Lead from Westmere

Do you remember the cattle that were 'saved' from slaughter a while back that became a major issue....

1 day ago

Retirement village information webinar

The Team from Commission for Financial Capability

Are you or a loved one thinking of moving into a retirement village? The Office of the Retirement Commissioner is hosting a free, two-part webinar series on 23 and 24 September for anyone interested to help you understand the personal, legal, and financial implications. Selling the family home and moving into a village is a big decision, so register today and let our experts guide you through what you and your family need to know so you can be sure you make the right choice.

11 days ago

People not wearing masks on public transport

Neeta from Mount Albert

In this pandemic situation, rules are meant to be followed, for your own safety, and if you are considerate, for others as well. Is it that hard to have some kind of face covering while travelling?
On the bus I took home this afternoon- there was a group of 4-5 passengers chatting away loudly, NONE of them had any face coverings on. Every other passenger and the driver had it on. I just got annoyed and moved to a different seat.
Level 2.5 restrictions include mandatory face coverings on public transport, but who will monitor people who flout the rules?
AT staff are unable to do this- so is it up to the passengers to handle the situation, or just get off and take another bus perhaps? What is the immediate practical solution, before we hit a setback on the number of cases?
I might try and contact AT and see what they say, not expecting a prompt response though!