28 days ago

Strawberry Globbler Help

Mubashir Neighbourly Lead from Mount Roskill

Something creepy has been gobbling up my strawberries when I leave them to ripen. What could it be? I have lavishly sprinkled slug and snail bait around but no stopping. There is enough grains for the birds to feed from as well 🤔. I think whoever that is, is more deserving than me as per nature 😀 as the poor thing can't walk to the supermarket to buy few!

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1 day ago

Which cafes make the best coffee in your suburb?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, we all know Kiwis love coffee but a survey has found that Auckland coffee drinkers are more likely to buy their coffee than Kiwis from the regions. A third of Aucklanders buy at least half of their weekly coffees and most preferred a flat white. How often do you buy coffee out? What do you usually order? And which local cafes do you think make the best coffee? Share your thoughts in the comments.

1 day ago

Three food recalls in Auckland - have you been affected?


Are you affected by any of these three recalls?

1. Harmony brand Free-Range Boneless Ham and Free-Range Champagne Ham has been recalled due to the possible presence of Listeria monocytogenes. Click here for more information and consumer advice.

2. Tegel brand Crumbed Chicken Burgers has been recalled as the product may contain foreign matter (small pieces of metal wire). Click here for more information and consumer advice.

3. Specific batches of its Countdown brand Trevally Fillets has been recalled as the product contains an elevated level of histamine. Click here for more information and consumer advice.

10 hours ago

Certified gas fitter for oven installation - required Pt Chev

Tia from Point Chevalier

Please message me if you have availability, many thanks