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1 day ago

All Blacks World Cup....

Andrena from Morningside

Watched the All Blacks playing South Africa last night on channel one.What an amazing game.Didn't realize a repeat is on again now channel one!Go the All Blacks.x

2 days ago

Pedestrians FIRST

Gael from Westmere

I'm sick of getting judged for not cycling
Why do AT lump 'walking and cycling' together when they really mean 'cycling'
Why isn't as much money spent on repairing footpaths as it is on cycleways?
No matter what mode of transport we use, once we get out or of, we're all pedestrians.
Who we actually need to be designing for are the mobility impaired - babies in prams, toddlers, children, elderly, sight impaired, hearing impaired, wheelchairs, walking stick and walking frame users, those with injuries using crutches or knee scooters, those carrying loads and shopping. IMO.
Who this lobby group think they are to judge me?

2 hours ago

Mental Health Awareness Week starts today! 💜🌿

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Together let's explore our way to well-being because when it's strong, our whānau, communities and Aotearoa can flourish too.

#NSNZmentalhealth #MHAWNZ