32 days ago

Private Tutoring

Renae from West Harbour

Hi parents!

Have you noticed that your primary or intermediate aged child may need a little boost in maths, reading or writing?

I am offering engaging and enjoyable one on one tutoring sessions based in Greenhithe to help build strategies, knowledge and confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

I have late afternoon and early evening spaces available so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information and we can start on the road to success! 📚

Email: Renae.Samson00@gmail.com or feel free to send me a message

Thank you,
Renae Samson

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2 days ago


Linda from Henderson

How many of you watched the news last night, when it showed these college aged kids turning up their noses at the cheese sandwiches and extras provided by the goodness of the community and the taxpayers.
Did you pick up that one student commented that there was no meat in the free lunch, and therefore it wasn't worth eating?
Not one of those kids was remotely skinny, mostly overfed and definitely ungrateful.
From now on my charity will stay strictly at home. Help with grandchildren's exorbitant Uni fees, and the so called hungry can be choosy with someone else's contribution.

2 hours ago

What's On: Māori Conversation Group

Rex from Te Atatu Peninsula

Every Friday! Practise te Reo Māori in a relaxed setting with speakers from various levels. Come and enjoy conversation, company and a cuppa. Tea and coffee provided.
Māori Conversation Group
  • Avondale Library
2 hours ago

What's On: Job Cafe

Rex from Te Atatu Peninsula

Every Thursday! Update your CV, receive job seeking and career advice and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with the team from Whau Ace.
Job Cafe
  • Avondale Library