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Have your say: Henderson road upgrade

Panuku Development Auckland

Consultation is now underway on a proposal to make Henderson Valley Road safer while improving the connection with Henderson’s town centre, Opanuku stream, and Corban Estate Arts Centre.

Panuku Development Auckland wants your thoughts on what you like (or don’t like) about the current proposal.

All your feedback will help deliver an amazing streetscape for Henderson.
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1 hour ago

Rewards of A Morning Routine

Anthea from West Harbour

Health, Fitness and Morning Routines. Helping people create the life of their dreams is great!

Leading by example:

Welcome to our back yard. We have created our own swim/gym. Great view, private and tranquil. We love it!

Living the dream! Finances need to be on par to do this. Ask me more about our Flexible Online business anytime.

Back to our family fitness centre.......We love Helping others to be creative and get the bubbles of inspiration flowing. Big thanks to my Personal Trainer Hubby Mike Chiappa for designing it.

Start with a morning work out! What ever you do for a career, or even if your in between jobs, this has been the best first step for me in the morning.

Reward yourself with a walk around the block to start off with if your new.

The morning breakfast taste so much better after a jump start. So refreshing!

#lifestylehappyplace #lifestylechange #bebold #morningroutine #beonpurpose

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Public Toilets in West Auckland

Matt from Henderson

I know what needs to happen though is we need more

rest rooms or toilets though on some main streets.
Yes Lincoln Road, has the only public toilet area
that I know that people can do their 1's and 2's so
to speak, but there is just no other. I do a lot
of walking with my part time paper run and
advertising run . I walk around Woodford Ave,
Buscomb Ave, one half of Lincoln Rd delivering
Western Leaders. There is no public toilets around
these areas.
Probably if you can go to the Police Station and
ask if you need to use the toilets, maybe, or the
other one I can think of is the public toilets near
where the Pak N Save in Henderson used to be.

I do have a good bladder though. My paper run I do
around Woodford Ave,Buscomb Ave and Lincoln Rd have
no toilet area than the police station, the BP on
Lincoln Rd(but then not busting to go) or the
public toilets in Henderson. If you can recommend
myself holding on to my urine for 2 hours long
before going to the Henderson Public toilets, then
I think we need to put more toilets somewhere.

I also do a advertising run down Larrisa Rd, and those back streets, Zodiac Rd, half of Universal Road and back onto Harrington Road and up on Rathgar Road to finish off my advertising run.
Same deal no public toilets in sight whatsoever. Could use the BP Toilet there on Swanson Road, but too far to walk all the way up Swanson Road, ask to use the toilets there, then walk all the way down again. Needs to be somewhere closer.

To Phil Goff, can we invest in some money getting some toilets put in around in West Auckland? Much appreciated.


9 hours ago

Tailor-made and hassle free

The Team from Kitchen Mania

At Kitchen Mania we're an Auckland family business manufacturing and installing kitchens. We have a proven 6 step plan to design and install our customers' kitchens which you can view here.

The key things we do are:
● Visit our customers' homes to get a feeling for what our customers' needs are.
● We have a team of very competent designers with some winning prestigious industry awards.

We can offer the complete renovation package including Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Flooring, Tiling and Splash Backs. Everything required to make a successful kitchen renovation project.

Our mission "To be the Supplier of Choice for our customers next kitchen".

Amazing Showroom opening mid-February in West Auckland - watch for details!
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