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4 days ago

Poll: Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

With Covid-19 still a very real risk, people who are unwell are told to stay home, and to keep any sickly kids home too - but what if you don't have any more sick leave owing?

Most Kiwis are entitled to five days of sick leave a year, but some - often those in lower paid jobs - get less.

New Zealand’s minimum sick leave allowance is one of the lowest in the OECD. In Australia they get 10 days, in most European countries it’s even more.

Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?

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Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?
  • 60.1% Yes, five days is not enough
    60.1% Complete
  • 13.9% No, I never use mine up anyway
    13.9% Complete
  • 26% Entitlement should be assessed on a case-by-case basis
    26% Complete
5109 votes
1 hour ago

What's On: Rhymetime with Stories for Children

Wendy from Remuera

Weekly free children programme Rhymetime with Stories for Pre-schoolers at Manukau Library. Time: Every Friday 10:30am -11:00am.
Rhymetime with Stories for Children
  • Manukau Library
2 hours ago

Manurewa house sells for $883,500

Property Sale Alert from

A Manurewa property at 56 Orams Road has sold for 40 per cent over the suburb's median capital value. It fetched $883,500, the median CV in Manurewa is $630,000.

The 110sqm home is smaller than most homes in Manurewa. The sale was completed on June 19, 2020.

This information is courtesy of It becomes available as soon the sale is processed by the local council. This can sometimes take up to three months.