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Darcy from Lawns Gardeng & Landscaping and water blasting jobs

Good evening from Darcy gardening and lawns and water blasting jobs and landscaping services the fist photos are from a job that I work at once a month every month he's always happy with our work this time 3 off as did jobs the two workers on the back gardens clean it up so we lay weed matt I was on front right hand garden and lay weed matt too with pegs it the only think I hate was the guy got the cheap weed Matt it's hard to ✂️cut it falls to bits fast told him get good weed matt so did our best to make it look good remember if you need gardening or lawns or landscaping or water blasting done in South Auckland or West Auckland north shore papuka east Auckland then please look me up on grab one treat me nieghoury findus middle school app or manurewa South mall note board We are getting work in but trying to keep up is crazy have two new worker's but they would like to change to part time so I ready need to talk to people about running my business a better way iam finding we Strat at 8.30am but it dark at about 5pm so we are not keeping up with work and more rain is coming

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Poll: Where would you most like to go once NZ borders open?

Collision Connect

Collision Connect is redefining collision repairs. We are based in both Huntly and Cambridge.

A range of services are available from collision repair and car painting to windscreen repair and replacement. Our qualified team will get you back on the road safely and efficiently, without any mucking around.

Call us now on 0800 799 961.
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Where would you most like to go once NZ borders open?
  • 51.3% Australia
    51.3% Complete
  • 28.9% Europe
    28.9% Complete
  • 11.1% United States
    11.1% Complete
  • 8.7% Bali
    8.7% Complete
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Exceed we fix windows & doors

Exceed - we fix windows & doors

If you're stuck with a broken window or door that needs repair, call Exceed specialists now!
We have qualified, knowledgeable and caring teams in the area, fully equipped with all the parts and tools they need to complete most jobs.

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irresponsible dog owner

Salima from Goodwood Heights

irresponsible dog owner. my friend saw a young lady running on everglade drive (near the roundabout with Eugenia drive)  with a small dog off leash. she stopped and told the lady the dog needs to be on leash, and as a dog owner, did she not know the rules. the lady said she did not know.  if the dog decided to dash across the road, or saw another dog, anything could happen. instead of restraining the dog or going home to get a  leash, the lady continued her run with the dog running along.  the lady was in her late twenty's, fair, slim and tall.  pacific islander perhaps.  if anyone sees her, she needs to be told to go home with the dog rather than put it at risk.