32 days ago

What do you think about the beauty queens' visit to Ihumātao?

The team Reporter from Manukau Courier

Hi neighbours - finalists of the 2019 Miss Universe New Zealand pageant visited south Auckland's controversial Ihumātao protest site on Wednesday.

Ihumātao is a daily host to a diverse range of visitors, all equally interested in showing support for the protest's cause and learning the history of the area.

What do you think of their visit to the site? Do you think it's important for a diverse range of people to show support?

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3 hours ago

A visit from the Manukau Youth Jazz Orchestra

Acacia Cove Village

On Friday 6th September the Acacia Cove residents were spoilt with a visit from the Manukau Youth Jazz Orchestra. What a treat it was!

These kids, aged between 13 and 15, are talented beyond belief and it was amazing to see them in action. Not only are they very good at playing various instruments, there were a few amazing vocal performances too.

Both our Residents and our Manager, Bruce Cullington was very impressed. Well done to Musical Director Joseph Allan and thank you for bringing the kids to Acacia Cove.

We would love to see them again.
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13 days ago

FREE Exercise Classes

Marama from Manukau - Wiri

They have a waiting room for your children at the Manukau HQ branch. I haven't started with them yet as I've hurt my neck, but what I've seen is awesome.

Jack Conway Ave, Manukau.

Auckland Central, South Auckland, Hawkes Bay & West Auckland.

18 hours ago

Is AT putting the brakes on speed limit cuts?

Todd Niall Reporter from Manukau Courier

Auckland Transport's board may drop all or some of the planned speed restrictions on nearly 800 Auckland roads. Some might not make sense but if a lot are dropped following consultation, how can Aucklanders be sure that it not simply because a reduction is unpopular? Read the story below:

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