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1 day ago

Minimum wage

Ronald from Maxron Associates

The current minimum wage is $17.70 an hour set to go to $18.90 on April 1. I'm curious, what others think about that. Are you an employer or senior manager with hiring responsibility's. Will the increase make you change your hiring options. Will you down size, will you absorb the cost, will you restructure and shed staff. What are your thoughts.

4 days ago

Save The Date- Garage Sale- 1st Feb

Namz from Massey

Save The Date- Garage Sale- 1st Feb

6 hours ago

Just around the corner from failure is huge success.

Anthea from Lifestyle Happy Place

After failing in a previous business venture, and not wanting to go back to a traditional job.
Chrissy & Colin Greig fill us in on the various perks and benefits of their online business.

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