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messenging on here...

Julia from Henderson

kia ora lovely people, friendly helpful neighbours, fellow kiwis

know just 'immediate' neighbours (my neighbourhood & surrounding) - not whole of NZ - and wonder *IF* this will even post...

anyone sick & tired, fed up - with messaging system on here? (*waves* to admin - who refused to post my message in early 2020, in the 'beforetimes' pre-covid - about getting out of the way of emergency vehicles)

I use the marketplace ALL. THE. TIME. - mostly to buy stuff - and/or pick up FREE stuff

(oh anyone who wants to donate CHILDREN's things - Nurturing Families - in Henderson - *awesome* charity doing great work (could use some more help, people - every time I drop stuff off, stressed out, exhausted.. a hour or two a week might make all the difference to them...


(oh - anyone & like me, completely given up, years ago - trying to HELP - donate - to women's refugee OUT WEST - (not nationally - just OUT WEST - other people bring this up with me all the time - frustration - yeah - 2021 - I offered things, and HELP - my time, my energy - not even a response (oh except NO to the things, tried so hard again & again *NO*, thought just 2021, no - so many conversations - others bringing up same issue - 2024 - frustration) - that Nurturing Families *grateful* for this year

as a *survivor* of 'intimate partner' ABUSE - 'domestic abuse' whatever they want to call it now - this is particularly galling -(oh "causing annoyance or resentment; annoying") - trying to pass on the KINDNESS I was given - 2014 - (different country - oh NZ - you lead the way in so many areas - NOT *THIS* - came back 'home' - went (secretly, carefully) - to support group - the women *IN* women's refugee told me what really like - have to PAY to be there, limit of 6 week - PAY to be there, PAY for your own food - then out you go -

overseas - they knew I was just a visitor - stay as long as a i needed - food, shelter *security* - taken SERIOUSLY - comfort, KINDNESS of strangers - things - essentials - and a brand new pink fluffy dressing gown - wanted so much to bring it home - no room (oh don't worry bought myself one now) - wanted to pass on this *AROHA* to my sisters AND brothers - in need (yes, men, survivors too - )

my abuser - his *lies* about me still on my medical & mental health records - brought up every time - we were born same year - 1971, him in April, me in August - he died - aged 45 - liver & kidney failure in 2017 (yes, just guaranteed rejected right - admin? - just like my post about getting out of the way of emergency vehicles - start of 2020 - no way of contacting you, communicating with you - still got notification PINNED )

off track - sorry

standard disclaimer - just me being ME - fed up - not a drop of alcohol in me - do NOT do drugs - just fed up kiwi

trying to arrange yet another win-win -

I desperately need a washing machine -
someone here - moving - selling one -
let down by people today - completely forgot to arrange pickup -

TRY to read old messages - ADDRESS - PHONE NUMBER - NO NO NO NO - their messages to me, mine to them - see for a SECOND (literally) - then just reverts BACK to profile -

even MY messages - arggh!!!

just *REVERT* after a second - to the profile

even MY MESSAGE - nope, can't SEE what I *wrote* - oh THERE - for a *SECOND* - gone - reverts to my profile - argggh!!!!!


anyone else

oh - and admins - I am so FED UP - if you don't post this - (like you did not post Sher's post - oh she told me about it - looked for it - just got a text from her in Australia - )

she paid $2,000 to DUMP all the things trying to sell - donate - on here -

her entire 'nest egg' - to set up after move - so can look after her partner (move there for his health - not appropriate for me to share more) - except - people DUMPED things in her orange rubbish thing - mostly clothes - clothes - seriously people - DONATE stuff - please stop throwing away stuff that other people so desperately NEED

oh yes, I know - 3 separate posts - doubt admin will approve of THIS, right? - thing is - copied this - I know SO many people in the media - so so so many -

yeah I am of sound mind (not body) - not anything in my system - just me being ME - fed up kiwi

anyone else? feeling FRUSTRATED - fed up

messaging system on here

main point - sorry - side tracks - dumping stuff other people *desperately* NEED (preaching to converted - if you're here - already a good neighbour -

as a good neighbour - i KNOW this dumping stuff bothers you too -

(how do I know - HEARD you - I did not bring up (and not just one conversation, having a lovely time meeting the neighbours - always have - what I GREW UP WITH - my parents - knew the neighbours - (quietly) HELPED in community - still don't know half of what my mother did (and she did a LOT - as did my dad )

also heard - from so many people - OUT WEST (not nationally - just OUT WEST (emails to *people* who I know, knew me - 2020, 2021...) *frustration* with trying to HELP - donate things, help women's refugee

Nurturing Families - *clean* (obviously!) stuff - but i think would really appreciate a few more volunteers (please don't contact them - SHOW UP - closed now, Thursday 2pm - reopen on Monday - if *serious* about helping - show up (just park on the street - no parking really)

sorry rant over -

look forward to NOT seeing this here... (?) - oh if NOT here admins - *will* be shared elsewhere...

oh p.s. - no haters please. please please please

I have PTSD, since 2012 (delightful IBS, Anxiety, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, (depression under control right now) (why? oh not the 'intimate partner abuse' but certainly did not help...

- due to my HOUSING situation (oh Dellwood - no longer my address - trying to get BACK to Henderson since 2020 - since 2021 now have fibromyalgia (constant *pain* and EXHAUSTION - but right here, right now - no 'brain fog')

oh and my mum - (87, end of 2020 - just rescued what was left of my plants - got text from sister, mum in ICU - drs say unlikely to see end of 2021 - well now April 2021 - exchange of "i love you" text messages today

(learnt lesson from dad - Frank - never know when last words, what last words - 'watch your words' - words are *powerful*

so if you disagree - please, be respectful - watch your words, please, thank you, na mihi

*AROHANUI* - an abundance of love - is my intention with this -

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