124 days ago

😲🔎Where have all the groups gone?🔍😲

Fiona from Henderson

When Neighbourly started and for such a long time, all of the groups within the individual Neighbourhoods could be seen.
One could go through and see all the new groups, interests, conversations etc .. with the exception of the closed groups.

Now? well … I'm scratching my head and have double checked everything and can only see the groups that I belong to, nothing more.
Well, that not quite true, it does suggest I may like to join a parents group in Green Bay and it even suggests I want to join my very own group - the cheek if it 😄😄

I'm fully aware that they were testing a new format a while ago, but this isn't working.
How can we expand our knowledge, learn new things, meet new people who have the same interests etc … if we can't see ALL of the groups in our Neighbourhood?

Does anyone have a clue or an answer or anything to solve this annoying problem here on Neighbourly?
Maybe one of the Leads out there in the big ol' neighbourhood will be able to answer my question or maybe someone has already asked the question and has the answer and could share it with us.

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1 day ago

🚦📵Safety cameras - Technology trial📵🚦

Fiona from Henderson

See the story after my reaction. It's directly from the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency website (link attached)

This is EXCELLENT news and it's for my safety, your safety - everyone's safety👍🏻😉
Fingers crossed the consistent repeat offenders will finally be dealt to once the trial period has finished.
We've all seen them, no seat belts, all the head down while they think we can't see them on their phones - oh bring on the end date for the trial period - YAY!!!

From tomorrow, across three Auckland locations, we're trialing safety cameras to get a better understanding of how many people drive while using their mobile phones, and how many people don’t wear their seatbelts. This trial is the first of its kind in Aotearoa New Zealand.
While these are well-known issues, we don’t currently have accurate information about the scale of them. The six-month trial will provide useful insight as well as test the technology itself.

A key part of Road to Zero, New Zealand’s road safety strategy, involves supporting people to make good choices on our roads, which includes encouraging people to not use their phones while driving, and making sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt.

No enforcement action will be taken during the trial. No drivers will receive infringement notices, warnings, or any other communication from Waka Kotahi as a result of the trial. All images taken will be deleted within 48 hours, with a small number of anonymised images kept for reporting purposes. For more on the trial, visit www.nzta.govt.nz...

13 hours ago

What's On: Waitakere Greypower Association

Mate from Oratia

Annual General Meeting.Guest Speaker,Hon . Carmel Sepulomi, Minister of Social Development.All members and friends are invited.Refreshments at the conclusion of the meeting.
Waitakere Greypower Association
  • Te Atatu South Community Centre
16 hours ago

Secure job in an essential service sector

Rubbish Direct

Are you looking for a secure job in an essential services industry?

With a company where loyalty and family values count for something?

Wanted - Class 2 Drivers - Glendene Based
Starting / training rates are:
• $72,800 for 5 days 50 hours a week
• $58,240 for 4 days 40 hours a week

We are Glendene based and looking for drivers to collect rubbish and recycling, 4 or 5 days per week including weekends. We start from 2:00 to 3:30am and operate 365 days per year.

Wanted - Diesel Mechanics - Glendene Based
Qualified Diesel Mechanic
$35 to $40 / hour
Apprentice Diesel Mechanic
$25 / hour
Fleet of modern Isuzu trucks

Rubbish Direct staff all receive:
Profit Share / $5k Bonus every 5 years / Hot lunch / Health Insurance

Want to know more?
Call or email Carl – 027 222 0338 / carl@rubbishdirect.co.nz
Find out more