150 days ago

Christmas holiday

The Team from Office for Seniors

Our office is closed until 5 January 2022. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season 🎄🥳

You can use your online service MyMSD 24/7 bit.ly...

Have other questions? You can contact MSD Senior Services on 0800 552 002. Please note this line is closed on public holidays.

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8 hours ago

budget and super paymeny

Ray from Te Atatu South

Grant Robertson said that Superiatants got extra money this year for inflation adjustment of $20 pw. Sorry Grant it was the same increase last year. Sorry Grant no difference at all and I think something to be done about this. This $20 this year and last year was to keep in line with 66% of the average wage. The energy payment was additional. Can someone help me set up a web page to reflect that and include some potion voting poll. Please message me. I can host website at no cost. The government always gets away with everything. Hopefully we can point out that what they say is NOT always corrected they believe we just put up with it. LETS STAND UP AND SHOW THEM THE TRUTH. Please help either page and message my. Ph phone number is 0274 456024 as an alternative. Many thanks

9 hours ago


Toni-Kim from Henderson

Crafts and collectables - featuring antique, vintage, reproduction and modern dolls. Plus, fabrics, lace, books, bears and more. Free entry and parking. Contact Andrea m: 021 370665 or e: andyblin@xtra.co.nz
  • Auckland Horticultural Centre
1 day ago

Well, well, well - now this is a blast from the past😲

Fiona from Henderson

One of the most controversial political adverts to ever emerge from New Zealand and boy oh boy, how times have changed, shame the politicians haven't😉