35 days ago

Vaccinations and Underlying conditions

Avinesh from Ranui

Firstly let's do our part and stay home, stay safe and get vaccinated IF and WHEN you can. I say IF, because there are some of us in the community that have certain underlying conditions that possibly could suffer a potential relapse from the vaccine. Now, I am not saying I am an expert or have the abundance of knowledge as the experts, however if you have an underlying condition that could potentially affect your health post vaccine, please do consult your specialist. I only say it based on personal experience where I suffer from nephrotic syndrome, have been in remission and off medication for past 5 years. Had my first jab back in July and in 8 days suffered a relapse to the higher end of the condition. Upon some research, obviously overseas based especially in the UK and States, it is found that the pfizer could cause relapses of nephrotic syndrome. So, if you have kidney conditions do speak to your specialist. I could be a special case, but who knows maybe this information could help you from not going back to square one in your journey to recovery. Stay safe

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2 days ago


Linda from Henderson

UNBELIEVABLE!!. When is this ever going to end? Come November 1st, no doubt there will still be ongoing restrictions to our freedom.
What I resent so much, is that those of us who have been vacccinated for months, played the game, did every thing we were meant to, and still we are locked down.
All these Govt. promises that when Auckland reaches 90% vaccination we will have more freedom. What a joke. 89% vacccinated, how can it take until 1st November to vaccinate 1%.
I am so angry at all these months of being dictated to as to how I can live my life. Or not live it, might be more accurate!

3 hours ago

Soup day for Foundation cooks back at the school

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

Very Exciting to be back in school in our bubble of 10 with new Cookery, Foundation students, social distancing & mandatory mask wear rules in place.
This week our students have learnt to make some delicious classic soups - Minestrone soup, Potato and celeriac soup and creamy tomato soup.

7 hours ago

Contactless sales available

Lyndelle P. from Red Cross Shop Henderson

We have our store all ready and waiting for all our customers. We can do contactless sales if you desire something from our store Eftpos sales only. Thank you

Come and view our windows at:
Red Cross Superstore
435 Great North Road, Henderson
(09) 8351152