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15 minutes ago

It's probably back fired.

David from Glen Eden

This is one of only two, my weekly "ration".
The results to date of New Zealand's covid-19 management have justifiably gained world wide acclaim. Yes, mistakes have been made, and even now lessons are being learned. So improvements continue to be made to every aspect of it's management. In early days opposition did put the economy before health and wanted more open borders. Even now they tend to think that way and seem to want to open borders further. National and opposition parties have consistently criticised the government even in the face of that world acknowledged success. Such criticism is clearly unjustified but with one sole intention, to discredit the government and the PM who carries the messages. The criticism could only be with hind sight and learning how to best combat the virus took time. Only Taiwan were seen to have been ready for covid-19.
National would not have done any better and likely worse had borders been opened more.
The New Zealand public are not all stupid. The vast majority have complied with rules and recommendations hence the results to date, and they are grateful.
The never ending criticism by National has back fired big time because of their obvious sole intention to denigrate the government. Had they been a little bit more mature, honest, and given due credit, a little gratitude, they would have gained some credit themselves. Prior to an election it seems to me they have again done themselves harm they may not recover from. No one can deny NZ success to date when compared to nearly all other countries.

24 minutes ago

WHOA!!!!!!!! 😮 Look at the wind today!!!!!!!! 😮

Sharon from Te Atatu South

OMG! LOOK! 😮 A HUGE chunk of trunk just came down outta the phoenix palm! Check it out here.

21 hours ago

NZTA warns it could close the Auckland Harbour Bridge during storm

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours. Transport authorities have pulled double-decker buses from the Auckland Harbour Bridge and are warning it could close completely during a massive storm forecast for much of the country. this weekend.

MetService previously said travel disruptions are likely this weekend, as severe gales, heavy rain and big waves batter the country, followed by cold Antarctic air bringing snow to low levels in the deep south.

Meteorologists believe the storm could be “one of the most widespread severe weather events this year”.

Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) general manager of transport services Brett Gliddon advised motorcyclists and those driving high-sided vehicles to avoid the bridge.