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♥️A little kindness goes such a long way♥️

Fiona from Henderson

If you Google Viral Kindness, you will find a few options of this form ready for you to use, but just in case others can't download here is a decent sized one for you to use.
Also, here is one from our very own Neighbourhood Support.
For those who can download and print them, would you be so kind and print quite a few and pass them around to others.
This would be a great wee project for the young ones to help with. Maybe they can cut them to size or deliver them in the letterboxes, community boards etc ...
All for one and one for all 👍
P.S. I cannot believe that I have to add this bit, but to those who are self isolating, please be careful who you give cash to as I am fairly sure that all the sharks & snakes will be coming out to play🦈🐍
I would like to think that our Neighbourly bunch are a good lot, but there will be always be one rotten apple in the barrel.
To those who will be the angels of mercy in these times, I take my hat off to you and maybe I will see you around as well 👍♥️

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Police end physical search for missing French teen Eloi Rolland

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours.
Police say they have exhausted all leads for finding Eloi Rolland, 18, who has been missing from Auckland for almost four months.
The teen, who has limited English, has not been seen since he was captured on CCTV at the Britomart train station on March 7, where he caught a train to New Lynn's Fruitvale Rd station. It's understood he was in the vicinity of Piha Rd and Scenic Drive at 9.18am, but this is where the trail ends.
After more than 1600 hours searching for Rolland, police ended the physical search in May, pending reports of new information or evidence.
Rolland's sister, Aurore Rolland, told Stuff the family were "really sad" the search had been suspended.
"We [are at] the point where we are waiting for a miracle. We believe [he] is not dead in the sea at Piha Beach. Things need to be done, even if we have to search during our entire life."
Click "read more" for the full story.

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Laurence from Henderson

Face mask 021836612

7 hours ago

Kings of Storage, Moving and More

Storage King Rosedale

Hi Neighbours - As winter makes it's presence felt let us heat things up with a WINTER WARMER DEAL.

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