105 days ago

Dallies in the Valley

Mara from Henderson

Dallies in The Valley
A Festival of Food, Wine and Culture
12.00 pm to 6.00pm
Sunday 8 March 2020
Waitemata Rugby Club
96 Swanson Rd, Henderson
Free Entry
Plenty of Parking at the Grounds or come by Train and get off at Sturges Road Station
Trains running a Sunday Timetable
Come enjoy an afternoon of Croatian inspired food, wine, music, dancing and history. Lamb on the spit, cevapi and all your favourite cakes and desserts for sale all afternoon. Check out our history of coming to NZ and enjoy some traditional dancing and singing on the outside stage. Bring a picnic blanket, a folding chair and a big umbrella, or get in early to grab a table under a gazebo.
Putting a call out to anyone with gazebos to help us out on the day

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14 hours ago

The perfect time for repairs has gone🕳🚧🚦

Fiona from Henderson

I've mentioned this on here previously about how appalling our roads are, all over Auckland.
What I can't understand is why on earth DIDN'T the Auckland Transport get all of their workers out in Level 4, but preferably level 3 and do all of the repairs that are so desperately needed?
The roads are an essential requirement, and during the higher levels of lockdown would've been a perfect time to do all of the repairs.
However, this opportunity was lost and they won't get this opportunity again.
Instead, we are now dealing with all those damn cones all over the place, various pot holes, corrugations over so many roads, the seal worn out on so many - the list just goes on & on.
They will probably say that it was a money issue. That excuse doesn't fly as they are currently running around like blow flies fixing this and that all around the place now, and all the while causing so many traffic disruptions.
There are even the contractors who repaint the road marking do those now.
So, why on earth wasn't this all done in the one & only time they will get while it was so quiet on the roads?
The perfect weather has gone along with the opportunity as well as the perfectly empty roads.

1 hour ago

Special offer for all adventurers...

The Team from SPCA - Auckland Centre

We are offering an early bird special on our Jump to the Rescue registrations!

For a limited time only, sign up for just $35 and get that jump of a lifetime locked in this August.

Jump to the Rescue is our exciting fundraising event, perfect for adrenaline junkies looking to help a good cause!

Join team SPCA, you won’t regret it:

- Simply sign up at www.spca.nz...
- Share your fundraising page and ask family and friends to sponsor you
- Raise $775 and you will skydive for free!

3 hours ago

Do your Carpets need some Attention?

Daniel Carter from Carpetworx

Hi Guys, Dan from Carpetworx here. A little post to introduce Myself and my business. We are a small family owned business in the Waitakere Area. We specialize in all things Carpet related and Also provide many other services including Upholstery cleaning and Pest Control. We would love the support of our local community. Call us today to treat your Carpets to some love and care. Ph: 022 028 1229
Cheers Dan Carter