112 days ago

Poll: What have been your greatest difficulties in dieting?

Richard from Kellow Hypnotherapy

If you are thinking about losing weight, trying to lose weight, in the process of losing weight, or struggling to lose weight -- please take this short survey. You'll be really helping me with my research in to Diet Culture.

Please take a moment to checked out the linked poll:

What have been your greatest difficulties in dieting?
  • 42.9% Keeping the weight off
    42.9% Complete
  • 14.3% Not being about to stick to it
    14.3% Complete
  • 0% Hating the food
    0% Complete
  • 14.3% Missing my favourite food
    14.3% Complete
  • 0% Binging after I go off my diet
    0% Complete
  • 28.6% Too expensive
    28.6% Complete
7 votes
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2 hours ago

Eggs Benedict

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

Great results for the Eggs Benedict & Blueberry muffins assessment for the Foundation cooks. Eggs Benedict - a popular Kiwi breakfast or brunch dish, consisting of two halves of an English muffin, each topped with bacon, a poached egg, hollandaise sauce and garnished with chopped parsley.

It was originally popularised in New York City.

2 hours ago

Looking for a Person

Steve from Mount Eden

Hi Neighbours,

Does anyone know of a lady called Fiona Connell from Ellerton Road? If so, please ask her to get in touch.


3 hours ago

Husband for sale (and other happy things) in today's Antidote

The Team Reporter from Stuff

We live in unusual times. It all gets a bit much some days. So we're bringing you a much-needed dose of positivity to remind you that there's inspiration, kindness and quirkiness out there too.

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Today: The story of a husband for sale on Trade Me, a skipper with a digger, kiwi chicks in the skies and many, many beers for Betty White.