531 days ago

Severe Weather Warning

Topline Trade Services Limited

MetService has issued a severe weather watch this morning - wind and rain are set to hit Auckland it's bound to put drains under pressure. Topline offers a drain unblocking service and our hydroblast machinery and CCTV cameras mean we can locate, and remedy, most blockages without the need to dig up the whole garden. Stay safe and stay dry out there!

More messages from your neighbours
7 hours ago

Ryobi RHP 3710 water blaster

Robyn from Mount Eden

If by any slim chance someone has a dead or not working Ryobi RHP 3710 (blue/black) model sitting to be disposed of.....I pulled mine apart during lockdown and found that the bearing cage is damaged. I have tried everywhere including Australia but can't find a compatible replacement .Anyone who can help...it would be appreciated. Thanks Robyn

5 days ago

Odd Jobs?

Kyle from Auckland Central

I'm a writer, its taken me 2 years but I'm almost finished. Just run out of money, I'm dying for some nicotine and sugar so I can focus on finishing this last stretch and get a proper full time job while I publish it. If you needs the dishes done, bathroom scrubbed, or any other chores, make me an offer. I am a massive cat person and have house sat before. If there's anything else let me know, I may be able to help.

19 hours ago

Police Helicopter and Aviation Noise Complaints

Nick from Mount Eden

Hi All, I've recently created a facebook group where we can discuss aviation activity and talk about ways of reducing its disturbance to the neighbourhood. If you would like to join and tell us your experience of noise disturbances in the wee small hours. It would be great to hear from you. www.facebook.com...