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Adam Worley from

When creating a website, a developer should think about how to best get your website ranking highly in the Search Engine Result Pages. This does not mean however that design can be ignored. Google constantly improves its search algorithms to provide the best results to its customers – searchers. These latest improvements have made site quality evaluation more human-like. This means that having an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional website can improve your SEO ranking and draw more traffic to your site.

Here are some things that you need to consider when evaluating your website’s design and determining how to ensure you get the best results.

<^>Maximising color

<^>The use of video

<^>Easy access

<^>Optimise your e-commerce site for any device

<^>Trust symbols

<^>Short forms

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10 hours ago

What's On: September/October school holiday programme

Lucy from Onehunga

Onehunga library and Community Centre have joined forces to come up with a take home activity booklet for school holidays.  For details contact on 09 377 0209
September/October school holiday programme
  • Onehunga Library & Community Centre
7 days ago

Elliott Stables eateries served notice to pay rent or lose lease

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Community News

Half of the struggling eateries at central Auckland's Elliott Stables dining village have been served notices to pay rent and operating expenses in arrears of tens of thousands of dollars each or possibly lose their leases.

Five out of 11 owners received notices between September 4 and September 8, with some being delivered to their homes and accountants, as well as their eateries.

With personal guarantees on their leases, the businesses are worried landlord The Icon Group will effectively take their homes to recoup its losses.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, eateries at Elliott Stables said they have been “crippled” by the pandemic.

2 days ago

Clothes Rack

Alison from Ponsonby

Hello Neighbours,
Does anyone have one of these to give away or very cheap - I just want it to arrange some clothes on it for a garage sale, then I will give it away.
Thanks, Alison