40 days ago
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1 day ago

Parking space.

Cassio from Auckland Central

Hi Dear, I'm needing a place to park my car. I live on Ronayne Street, next to Spark Arena. If anyone has or knows of any, I will thank you very much.

26 minutes ago

Have you had weight loss surgery?

Caroline Williams Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours. If you've had publicly funded weight-loss surgery, I'd like to hear from you for a story about how many are receiving the surgery. I'll be asking you about your experience leading up to and following the surgery, and whether you'd recommend it to others.
Send me an email at caroline.williams@stuff.co.nz or message me here on Neighbourly.
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1 day ago

What do you think of Auckland's election billboards?

Josephine Franks Reporter from Central Leader

Suddenly you can't move in Auckland for massive billboards plastered with wannabe politicians and their not-so-catchy slogans.

Lots are bad, but some are worse - so we've compiled an unscientific and non-exhaustive ranking.

Have you seen any particularly good (or bad) billboards? Let us know in the comments (add NFP if you don't want it published).