1044 days ago

Tips for finding cheap flights

The Community Manager from Crown Institute of Studies

Y Travel Blog gives us 21 tips for finding cheap flights (unless you work for #airnewzealand !)
Here's a sample:
1. Start searching as early as possible
2. Best time to buy your ticket
3. The best day to fly

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13 hours ago

Green Doctors

Mark from Green Doctors

Medical Cannabis Clinic

4 days ago

Stop Selling Cigarettes

Nick from Mount Eden

If supermarkets want to be environmentally responsible and care about peoples health then they should stop selling cigarettes. Removing plastic bags is not enough and pushes the cost onto the consumer hence why it was rolled out at all.

2 days ago

Catalyst converter dash light...any recommendations for exhaust work?

Andrea Neighbourly Lead from Eden Terrace

Hi neighbourly community, My cars catalyst converter light has just come on the dashboarrd, any recommendations for somewhere local to the exhaust? It is a 1996 300z Nissan. 🤒