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Friday puzzle

NumberWorks'nWords Invercargill

Here is a weekend puzzle for those of you who enjoyed the last one. Answer to follow on Monday.

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Your daily dose of good news

The Team Reporter from Stuff

The 98-year-old painter who saved a village and a cat who hitched a ride to a charity shop in an old chair feature in today's Antidote - your much-needed dose of positivity to remind you that there's inspiration, kindness and quirkiness even in these unusual times. Sign up here to get The Antidote delivered to your inbox (it's free!)

7 hours ago

Auckland Rainbow Pride Parade cancelled due to Omicron fears

Melanie Earley Reporter from Central Leader

Kia ora neighbours, the Auckland Rainbow Pride Parade has been cancelled due to the threat of the Omicron variant.

This year was due to be the third incarnation of the walking parade in Ponsonby, formed following a dispute with the Auckland Pride organisation over a ban on police marching in uniform.

The parade had been scheduled to take place on February 19, but parade event manager Shaughan Woodcock said it would be a “potential health risk”, given the threat of Omicron in the community.

Read the full story at the link below.