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8 days ago

Kitten looking for a family

Andrea from One Tree Hill

Hello! This is a very special cat, that had a very unlucky start in life and is now looking for a lovely family to adopt him. He was surrendered to a vet clinic because the previous tutor rejected him when he was sick 😓
He is now healthy, happy and looking for a very lovely family.
He is a he (😄), neutered, pure British Short Hair (British blue), has a little bit more than 1 year old and is quite independent (loves cuddles, but also loves playing). Loves people and is friendly with other cats.
There will be no cost for who would like to adopt him, but the new family will be chosen carefully.
Responsible people that are sure that would like this little buddy (and all the commitment an animal demands) please message me 🤩
(I'm sorry I'm being so direct with this, but he deserves an amazing person/family after being surrendered when he most needed someone)
Thanks ❤

1 hour ago

Misleading Advertising Here

Eugene from Ellerslie

Has anyone tried to complete the application to become a Mystery Shopper on these ads that appear in Notices here? I have and it's absolutely misleading. Once I entered my details, I was then forced to view numerous other advertisements of other businesses and Fundraising organisations, asking me to tick boxes. I couldn't believe it because when I ticked one of he boxes of a fundraising organistions, I started to receive calls from them asking about donations etc. But nothing about the Mystery Shopper...so I cancelled my registeration in disgust. I am not sure if Neighbourly is aware what these people do. But if you decide to try..be warned.

1 day ago

Jellyfish blooms

The Team Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours, warm waters around Auckland are attracting tiny jellyfish towards our shores, causing some people to break out in a rash. Have you been affected by these jellyfish this summer?

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