70 days ago

Do you read with your child?

NumberWorks'nWords Palmerston North

It can have positive long term effects, including:⠀
-Supported cognitive development. ⠀
-Improved language skills.⠀
-Prepared for academic success. ⠀
-A special bond with your child. ⠀
-Increased concentration and discipline. ⠀
-Improved imagination and creativity.⠀

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5 hours ago

School children not standing up for adults on buses

Sabine from Greenlane

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old lady, I just want to voice my opinion on school children not standing up for adults, and in particular the elderly and pregnant women. I went to Epsom Girls Grammar and we were told that we were not to go to school on the bus with our uniform on and stay seating while and adult had to stand. Are children are not told this anymore? I see children staying seated while the elderly stand. This morning two children in uniform were sitting with their parents who said nothing. Yesterday I offered my seat for a pregnant lady a lot younger than myself while children sat. Please, we should be teaching children the same manners we were taught.

1 day ago

Pharmacies running out of face masks

Melanie Earley Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, pharmacies across the country have been running out of face masks as fears about coronavirus reaching our shores continues. One worker at Life Pharmacy in Remuera, said the store had sold out of the masks three days ago and were unable to get anymore straight away.

Are you worried about the virus heading to New Zealand?

1 hour ago

Please watch out for kids - school's back

Sylvia from Remuera

Dear Naighbours
School's back so there will be many more children walking and cycling again in the morning, and more cars on the roads. Please watch out for our children, consider giving yourself extra commute time.