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Shot Bro - Covid buses will start operating from this morning to boost vaccinations in harder-to-reach parts of the community.

Brian from New Lynn

Experts warn the only way for New Zealand to avoid lockdowns is to have at least 90 per cent of the eligible population vaccinated. The buses are being unveiled at Auckland Airport Park & Ride facility. The converted black and orange Park & Ride buses have vaccinate signs posted on their sides. One reads "Roll up your sleeves, Auckland". Another sign says "Vaccinate for Auckland". Labour MP Willie Jackson said the answer to boosting vaccination among Māori and Pasifika people was to enlist the help of people from within those communities.
"Our people know our people." Jackson said he was pleased to see the support at community level for vaccines.
"I'm really excited because we need to get out into these communities in South Auckland," he said. The buses would help those who may have been reticent or not had easy access to vaccines. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said: "We are taking the vaccine to the people." The aim was to get up to 80 per cent of Aucklanders having had one shot of the vaccine by the end of the week. While the current lockdown was the right decision, the country could not rely on lockdowns forever. The six buses - on loan to the Northern Region Health Coordination Centre - will act like pop-up vaccination clinics. Pukekohe is one of the first areas a bus will visit this afternoon. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern this week asked for names for the "Mr Whippy"-style vaccine bus service and has now narrowed it down to four favourites - Jabba Waka, Shot Bro, Jabbin' Wagon, Vaxi Taxi.

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I dare you to read this if YOU believe in Conspiracy Theories

Markus from Green Bay

I have seen what Conspiracy Theories did to my brother. After wasting countless hours researching and disproving over a dozen conspiracy theories he now thinks I'm "oppressing him" and broke off contact. He has gone so far down the rabbit hole that he can't distinguish between facts and conspiracies anymore. He has split up with his wife and the 14 year old daughter that used to adore him doesn't even want to see him anymore.

I know you're not stupid - so why do you believe these conspiracy theories?

Why would YOU rather believe that millions of researchers and doctors and nurses (who all work their butts off and know what they are taking about) are liars rather than the dozen or so who make up that crap to get followers and rake in money on Youtube and Tik-Tok?

And where are YOU going with this? What will happen when people in your whanau will get seriously sick and die because YOU think you know better than all the experts?

If you have a broken water pipe - do you call a baker?

If your child collapses - do you call a plumber?

And if the roof is leaking - do you call a doctor?

But you follow the crackpots on Facebook etc … why exactly …?

Have you forgotten the anti-vaxxers and the measles outbreak in Samoa and the Pacific Islands? 51 dead children - because some morons wanted to feel important?

The only thing you anti-vaxxers need to know: YOU are killing people by preventing them from becoming vaccinated and stoking their fears.

It really is that simple.

And you know what is the most ironic thing?

The virus simply doesn't care. It will infect people, and it will kill far too many of those that are unvaccinated.

If YOU rather spread that nonsense then it is not only YOUR decision to let the virus run rampant, it also becomes YOUR responsibility.

Just remember this: you won't be able to say "I didn't know" in the future …

So when someone get’s ill and is dying - and they will - then that is on you.

And it is YOUR job to be there and explain to them why you told them not to get the vaccine.

So you better know damn well what you are doing and why.

“I hoped it would work out” just isn’t cutting it.

If you think you just have to justify yourself to “god" then you are sorely mistaken.

Because you will find out - too late - that you will have to justify your actions to yourself too.

And then you will find out that others who listened to you will ask you to justify yourself to them too.

And there are far too many who badly regret the poor advice they gave, but regret is too late and never enough.

And as for “god” - I heard those that claimed they don’t need a vaccine because “god would protect them”.

Have you ever considered that “god” might have “send" the vaccine … and that you are doing the “devil’s” work?

Does “misinformation”, “lies”, “insinuation”, "conspiracy theories" etc sound like “god” to you?

Do you seriously think you are doing “good”?

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Covid-19: Where to get tested and vaccinated in Auckland during Labour Weekend

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Kia ora neighbours. It’s still easy to get a Covid-19 test or vaccination, even over Labour Weekend.

On Friday, the Government announced the Auckland, Waitematā and Counties Manukau DHBs would need to have vaccinated 90 per cent of their eligible populations before the Auckland region can leave lockdown.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is asking residents in New Lynn, Bayswater, Rosedale and Redvale to get tested if they are unwell, due to a concerning number of cases in those areas.

We’ve put together a list of all the vaccine and testing centres that are open for all or part of the long Labour Weekend. Click 'read more' for the list.

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Change one young life today

Variety – the Children’s Charity

Every day, in neighbourhoods across New Zealand, 1 in 5 Kiwi kids are missing out on the essentials and opportunities they need to thrive.

Hundreds of children are waiting to be connected with a sponsor. For just $50 a month, you can make a meaningful difference by giving a child access to essentials like clothing, bedding, shoes and stationery, as well as the opportunity to attend school trips. Become a Kiwi Kid Sponsor and change a child's life today.
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