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Kaipātiki Local Park Management Plan adopted

John Gillon from John Gillon - Kaipatiki Local Board

The Kaipātiki Local Board is very pleased to announce that the Kaipātiki Local Park Management Plan has been adopted!
Six years in the making and over 480 pages long, this is a reserve management plan that covers all parks across the Kaipātiki Local Board area.
The plan provides policies that apply to all of our reserves, as well as individual maps and management intentions for every reserve.
Thankyou to everyone who submitted on the draft plan and presented to the hearing panel. The document will be available online soon.

Some of the changes introduced in this plan:
* All of our parks are now held as reserves under the Reserves Act 1977, and have been correctly classified as to their current purpose.
* Little Shoal Bay Reserve: Boat maintenance and haulage yard activities have been discontinued.
* Le Roys Bush Reserve: The bush area to the east of the carpark has been moved from Little Shoal Bay Reserve to Le Roys Bush Reserve, meaning that all of the bush is now part of Le Roys. This simplifies the boundary and makes policies, dog rules, etc, consistent.
* The Eskdale network of parks, and the Witheford network of parks will each become single reserves. We will consult on English and Te Reo names for each of them in due course.
* Søren G Christensen Reserve: A Beach Haven park that was supposed to be named after early settler Søren Christensen in 1997, has now been fulfilled (www.nzherald.co.nz...).
* All land parcels have been examined and legal boundaries have been corrected.
* Some reserve names have been simplified (eg, removed "place", "street", etc).

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Share your most delicious (but affordable!) go-to meal...

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Winter is knocking at the door and the cost of living has already made itself at home. So let's help each other out by sharing your meal ideas that don't break the bank.

Comment below with your go-to meals that are delicious and affordable.

Type 'Not For Print' if you wish your comments to be excluded from the Conversations column of your local paper.

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Heartbeats North Shore Cardiac Support Group

Trent Lash from Heartbeats North Shore

Heartbeats North Shore group meeting for heart event survivors support is this coming Thursday evening.
WHERE: Sunnynook Community Centre, 148 Sycamore Dr, Sunnynook
WHEN: Thursday 30th May, 7pm - 8:30pm

Have you had a heart attack, been diagnosed with a heart condition or high blood pressure, had bypass surgery, OR have a partner who has experienced any of these?

If so, come along and find others who have gone through the same thing, and are getting their lives back in order. YOUR ARE NOT ALONE.

Heartbeats is the first of its kind community-led heart support group in New Zealand, has 200 members across Auckland and is growing every month. See what we are all about on on website at www.heartbeats.org.nz...

All heart event survivors, family, and friends are WELCOME. Come along and find ways to come through it, extend your life and lessen the chance of a second heart event.

Phone Trent on 0220 606 199 for further information.

18 days ago

And the 2024 Prospa Local Business Hero is...


A huge congratulations to mother and son duo, Mary and Sam Danielson from The Puketapu Hotel.

The votes for all finalists have been tallied and they have been chosen by Neighbourly members across the country as the Prospa Local Business Hero of 2024.

The Puketapu Hotel was nominated by a local called Margaret and the nomination reads:
'On Feb 14, 2023, Cyclone Gabrielle flooded many of the rural areas. Puketapu Hotel went under perhaps half a meter of water. However, immediately Mary Danielson and her son, Sam Danielson, along with their loyal staff pulled it together to cook copious amounts of food that without electricity would have been wasted. Throughout the years many of us have been treated with a pub gathering where we can reconnect and a free meal. At Christmas there was Santa, games, gifts for kids, donated patchwork for adults, an ice cream truck and lots of camaraderie.
This February on the cyclone anniversary, they again pulled out the stops to give hundreds of us a special night. We are all tired of the cyclone cleanup and they understood that it was needed.'

Such a deserving business and team, well done Mary and Sam. And thank you to all those who voted!