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Poll: Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?

Denise Piper Reporter from North Shore Times

The SPCA says a new $300 fine is helping to spread the warning that people should not leave their dogs in hot cars.
What do you think - is the message getting through to dog owners?

Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?
  • 40% Yes, the $300 fine helps
    40% Complete
  • 10.8% Yes, owners better understand the risks
    10.8% Complete
  • 47.7% No, I still see dogs in hot cars
    47.7% Complete
  • 1.5% Other (please say what in the comments below)
    1.5% Complete
65 votes
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1 day ago

Jellyfish blooms

The Team Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours, warm waters around Auckland are attracting tiny jellyfish towards our shores, causing some people to break out in a rash. Have you been affected by these jellyfish this summer?

Please comment NFP if you do not want your comments published.

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7 days ago

Have you experienced Readers Tours? We'd love your feedback

The Team from Readers Tours

If you have been on a journey with Readers Tours we would love to hear your feedback and share your experience with others.

If you would like to leave a review on Google, please click the link below

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Positive mindset 'critical' during coronavirus quarantine

Caroline Williams Reporter from North Shore Times

An Albany woman who self-quarantined for two weeks after returning from holiday in China says retaining a positive mindset was "critical" to staying sane.
Tonia Xu travelled to her family's hometown of Zhengzhou, 500kms north of the coronavirus epicentre at Wuhan, so her 14-month-old daughter Mia could meet family for the first time.
As more information came to light about the deadliness of the Covid-19 virus, Xu realised she would need to isolate herself upon arriving back in New Zealand on January 29.
Xu said planning for her family's daily food consumption was the main concern, while keeping a "very active" Mia busy.
"Your mindset is quite critical. you have to be positive as much as you can."
After two weeks of no symptoms, Xu returned to work last week.
What would your major concerns be if you couldn't leave your home for two weeks?