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Make Every Gift Count!

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

🎁 The Good Registry is about making giving simple, sustainable and kind.

Already they have raised about $200,000 for good causes and replaced 6,500 unnecessary gifts!!

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1 hour ago

What do you want to be?

Jennifer from Devonport

You could paint a cross in the sky
With DNA dated to the Christ
Or watch a monk burn himself on Queen St
Read the online news
Watch a neighbour suffer
But not want to get involved

You could be the first to make an assumption
Refuse to get to know
Save what you have
By killing
By saying nothing
Glad that’s not ME

You could set yourself free
Knock on the door
Ask, find
Look out for
Not spy

This would be the way of
The spiritual royalty
You have the choice
To join
Or ignore
Like the weather
Or the wars
Or the mercy
That lies within you
Or is killed daily
By your being

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Know a helping hander?

Countdown Supermarkets

Every Countdown store in New Zealand is giving away a $500 Countdown Gift Card to a local hero. Nominate here

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Why treat veins?

Vein and Laser Group

Varicose veins are often quite symptomatic with aching, heaviness, cramp and itching. These problems may cause limitations to lifestyle choices and enjoyment of life.

Even small veins can become painful and can undermine a person's confidence and self-esteem.

Examination by our vein physician followed by an ultrasound scan will determine which treatment is required. Because segments of varicose veins may not be visible on the skin surface, as they run in a deeper plane just under the skin, an ultrasound scan is carried out prior to treatment to create a "virtual map" of the lower leg veins.

The recommended treatment depends on the initial examination by our vein physician and the scan findings.
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