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Beach Haven Coastal Connection Public Consultation

John Gillon from John Gillon - Kaipatiki Local Board

Consultation is now open on options for the first stage of the Beach Haven Coastal Connection! Our vision is for a more accessible, friendly route from Tui Park, Shepherds Park, Hellyers Creek Reserve and on to Bayview and Eskdale Reserve and beyond. This will be an important link for the whole of the Kaipātiki area, as it will provide a non-kauri alternative route when other kauri bush walks are restricted or closed.

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Feedback closes at 11pm Monday 25 November.
There is also a drop-in session to be held on Saturday 16 November 11am-1pm, Beach Haven Community House, Shepherds Park.

To start to implement this plan, the Kaipātiki Local Board has approved $1.5m towards developing connections on this route and has identified 4 options that could make it more accessibly friendly. The consultation is to determine which option is the highest priority to complete while we have this funding available:

Option 1: Do nothing (the funding will be reallocated to a new connections project in another part of the local board area, although there is a risk that we could lose the funding).

Option 2: Shepherds Park to Tui Park boardwalk. Cost Estimate: $1,338,000. 330m long by 2.0m wide boardwalk connecting Shepherds Park to Tui Park via the end of Gazelle Avenue (no spur to beach). This provides a 700m long step free coastal connection between Tui Park and Shepherds Park.

Option 3: Shepherds Park to Tui Park boardwalk + spur to the beach. Cost Estimate: $1,806,000. A variation of option 2, but with a spur to Tui Park Beach. Exceeds the current budget.

Option 4a: Suspension Bridge from Shepherds Park near football club to Hellyers Creek Reserve. Cost Estimate: $1,150,000. This provides a 300m long step free connection from Paragon Avenue to Shepherds Park with a new entrance to Shepherds Park separated from the vehicle accessway.

Option 4b: Multi-span glulam bridge plus boardwalk from Hellyers Creek Reserve to Kahika Point Reserve. Cost Estimate: $500,000 + $580,000. Two sections: (1) 30m long by 2m wide glulam bridge connecting Hellyers Creek Reserve behind 53 Paragon Avenue to behind 161 Lancaster Road, and (2) 110m long by 2m wide boardwalk connecting Hellyers Creek Reserve from behind 14 O'donn Avenue to behind 28 Bay Park Place.

In addition to one of the above options, the Kaipātiki Local Board will be renewing the existing tracks in Shepherds Park and Hellyers Creek Reserve using a different funding source. These renewals are not dependent on the proposed project outlined above, however the two projects will be considered and planned together to ensure best outcomes are achieved.

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Kaipatiki Summer Fun Programme

Jill Nerheny from Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust

The weeks Programme;

9th Monday Senior Fun Games & Sewing Threads Northcote Centre 10am
9th Monday Calliope Run Walk Northcote Tavern 6pm

11th Wednesday Preschool Little Shoal Bay 10am

11th Wednesday Preschool Lauderdale Res 10am

12th Thursday Preschool Tui Park 10am

14th Saturday Families in Parks Elliott Reserve 5pm

15th Sunday Families in Parks Xmas Greenslade Reserve Noon


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Hazy weekend for New Zealand.. again

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hazy skies caused by the Australian bush fires are set to linger this weekend.
Northwesterly winds have blown a hazy plume of smoke across the Tasman Sea, and while it has mostly affected the South Island in recent weeks, it has moved up the country.
The "robust plume" is expected to head to the South Island late on Saturday.
The haze has been causing a yellowish-orange, hue at sunset, making for some sweet sunset photos. Share your photos in the comments!
(Our photo is of the sun setting over the Waitākere Ranges, taken by visual journalist Ricky Wilson.)

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Kaipatiki Summer Fun Programme

Jill Nerheny from Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust

Sunday December 15th Noon to 3pm
Going to be a great day at Greenslade Reserve, KCFT are bringing all their equipment to one site to have the BIG One Stop Family Day.