50 days ago

It is time to end secrecy in council decision-making

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland Council's Emergency Budget emerged into daylight after 50 hours of deliberation in confidential workshops. Should that much of the discussion be held in secret? Read the story below:

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2 days ago


David from Glen Eden

The biggest nonsense I read is the comparison with alcohol as if it was an excuse to support cannabis. That is enough to kill any decision to add yet another mind bending drug to one we all ready can't handle. We are talking about cannabis, not alcohol or the price of fish.
If cannabis was harmless there wouldn't be ANY discussion at all about it. The stuff damages younger brains, can be addictive and can lead to worse drugs. It does nothing to improve social standards of behaviour and the people who crave it and deal in it are not generally the brightest of the species. The finest solution would be to apply the law and remove every trace and mention of it from society. And that includes the gangs. As a medicine, no problem, just give it another name and if the medical world endorse its use by prescription, ok. The fact that we can't or don't enforce existing laws is a poor excuse to legalise this stuff. Some countries, disciplined ones, even have the death sentence on the books for dealers of the stuff. The police have enough to do without another set of convoluted rules on any legal use of cannabis which they will never be able to properly enforce.

19 hours ago

New development in West Auckland

Tracie from Te Atatu South

While this story is mainly about Te Atatu Peninsula, it could easily be about any suburb in West Auckland. There's development going on everywhere eh. www.stuff.co.nz...

3 hours ago

Lock downs, from the beer crate.

David from Glen Eden

The dislike of lock downs at any level is understandable. The fight to remove them is also understandable but is not in anyone's interests if it means a resurgence of the virus. Businesses mostly affected have everyone's sympathy and although sympathy isn't dollars the government has made substantial effort to relieve that issue. We do have people taking government money who don't need it. We also have political bigots who will criticise anything a government does, any government. If this virus escapes again and spreads exponentially as in several countries then New Zealand will be properly stuffed, devastated. Our hospitals would be totally swamped and the death rate would climb, even the undertakers would be overwhelmed! This isn't scare tactics, it's realistic, it's the truth, and can be witnessed elsewhere. We are not immune. The economy would be even further undermined. Much of the criticism is from people who wish or have hindsight, not people who know what they are talking about. The procedures we've been asked to follow, and most people have followed, are the result of professional and well informed input laced with world wide statistics and experience. The learning curve continues but New Zealand has excelled at keeping the virus at bay better than most, not all, but most. Most citizens are responsible enough to know how lucky we are and that this virus is nothing to do with politics. IT ISN'T a political issue and I am amongst the majority who refuse to try and make it one. Bear in mind too that the PM is only the messenger, she didn't invent the lock downs or procedures any more than Judith Collins might have done.