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It’s time we give back to our real superheroes.

Beds 4 U Avondale

Beds 4 U thanks all the essential workers that are braving Covid-19 dangers and serving us tirelessly. Beds4U will giveaway 10 Ortho Cool Gel Pillows to the essential workers so they can also take a restful nap/sleep. Let's do our bit and honour our Superheroes. Thank them by extending a #AGiftOfSleep. Click the link below and head to our Facebook page and tag an essential worker and share with us a gratitude note. You can tag yourself as well if you are an essential worker and leave a comment to let us know what drives you to keep going in such tough times.

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Poll: Is the Government doing enough to stop recyclable materials going to landfill?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

The Government has thrown $124 million at reducing the country’s growing waste pile, but not everyone agrees that’s enough.

Local Government NZ says the funding should be matched with a “strategic waste plan”, with the goal for New Zealand to be able to process its own waste onshore.

In the last decade, the amount of waste at council landfills has increased by 48 per cent.

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Is the Government doing enough to stop recyclable materials going to landfill?
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1 day ago

Goff confirms proposed 3.5 rates rise and 500+ job cuts

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, The likely shape of Auckland Council's Emergency Budget is clearer with the mayor releasing his proposal for Thursday's final debate. Has he got it right ? Read the story below.

3 days ago

Things that surprise Kiwis returning to NZ

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
I'm working on a travel story for Stuff about the things that have surprised returning Kiwis about New Zealand. If you have recently returned from overseas or know someone who has, it would be great to hear about the things that have stood out for you, for better or for worse. Whether it's to do with the weather, the cost of things, the public transport, the food, the housing, the people or something else entirely, we'd be keen to hear about it. Please remember that your comment may be included in the article, unless you say you don't want it to be. Thank you.