61 days ago

What do you think of Auckland's election billboards?

Josephine Franks Reporter from Western Leader

Suddenly you can't move in Auckland for massive billboards plastered with wannabe politicians and their not-so-catchy slogans.

Lots are bad, but some are worse - so we've compiled and unscientific and non-exhaustive ranking.

Have you seen any particularly good (or bad) billboards? Let us know in the comments, and add NFP if you don't want your comment published.

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16 minutes ago

MORE spring flowers that have opened up in my garden since last time. =D

Sharon from Te Atatu South

Photo 1: Freesias. YES, THESE DO have a lovely scent!!!!!!!! =D Photo 2: Cornflower (I think). Photo 3: Forget-me-not. Photo 4: Poached egg flower (I think). Photo 5: I don't know. Some unnamed blueish/purple-ish flower, but very pretty. Photo 6: Begonia. Photo 7: Bright yellow dianthus (I think). Photo 8: Double Delight Rose. =D MY favourite!!!!!!!! =D Photo 9: Poppy!!!!!!!! =D MY OTHER favourite!!!!!!!! =D Heheheheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D Enjoy!!!!! =D

6 hours ago

Come and check out the Parrs Products Factory Shop!

Kendall from Souvenir Factory Shop

Come and check out the Parrs Products Factory Shop! We sell a wide variety of quality souvenirs, gifts and New Zealand inspired skincare with many clearance items and specials! We are open Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm!

7 hours ago

Rosehill Retirement Village Open Home

Rosehill Village

Friday 18th, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th October
23 Elm Street, Avondale