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Last chance to apply for funding

The Team from The Trusts

We’re giving back another million dollars to community groups and projects in West Auckland, and you could be next.

If your community group needs some extra financial help, then apply to be a part of this year’s Million Dollar Mission. But hurry, entries close on September 27 so there’s not much time left to submit your application! Apply for your share now.
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New candidate for WAITAKERE

Michelle from New Lynn

Hi I am standing for the Waitakere Ranges Local Board to STOP 5G because it poses serious threats to the health of our children and of nature.
I care about our community and our beautiful natural environment which needs to be protected for future generations from this untested technology.
I am very concerned with the roll out of 5G Wi-Fi microwave radiation which takes effect from December without public consent.
5G will massively increase exposure to Radio Frequency radiation on top of the 2G, 3G and 4G networks for telecommunications already in place.
There has been no public consultation on 5G Wi-Fi microwave radiation and a lack of public education and debate on the dangers.
There are protests around NZ by communities who reject cell tower radiation next to their homes and schools.
I am standing up for democratic freedoms and human rights to say ‘I Do Not Consent to 5G’.
I believe all NZ citizens should be made aware of the dangers of 5G Wi-Fi microwave radiation and be politically able to stop 5G in order to protect the health and well-being of your family and community.

We are fundraising and accepting contributions to help fund this campaign. Please donate if you can.

Contact me via the SEND MESSAGE button or email :