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Christchurch mosque attacks survivor meets President Trump at White House - 'Thank you for supporting us'

Brian from New Lynn

A Christchurch terror attack survivor has met with US President Donald Trump as part of a meeting with victims of religious persecution in the White House's Oval Office today. Fifty-one people were killed in attacks in the Linwood and Al Noor mosques on March 15. Farid Ahmed's wife of 24 years was killed following the shooting at Al Noor mosque.
Mr Ahmed, in a wheel-chair, thanked Mr Trump for his leadership and "standing up for humanity"."Thank you for supporting us after the March 15 tragedy in Christchurch," he said to Mr Trump as they sat together.
“God bless you and God bless the United States." Mr Trump said what happened in Christchurch was a terrible event. In a remembrance service held two weeks after the attacks, Mr Ahmed forgave the alleged gunman, saying, "I have chosen peace, I have chosen love and I have forgiven." During today's meeting, Mr Trump told the survivors from religious maltreatment, who came from 17 different countries, "each of you has now become a witness to the importance of advancing religious liberty all around the world. It's about religious liberty." Mr Trump said, "In America, we've always understood that our rights come from God, not from government." The president listened as several of those attending shared their experiences of religious and human rights abuses.  Mr Trump told those who had been persecuted, "you've been through a lot more than most people could ever endure. And I want to congratulate you because that's what you need is congratulations. It's really an honour to be with you and I will stand side by side with you forever."

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6 days ago

DISAPPOINTED!! community pantry trashed

Naylar Neighbourly Lead from Te Atatu South

Hi Neighbours,

We have put up a pantry to help those who may need some help with food from time to time and also give others the opportunity to share with the community.

But someone went and trashed it. Picture below is one of our children maintaining the pantry after they had made a beautiful sign for it.

We are teaching our children responsibility and it saddens them to see that their hard work has been trashed.

If you don't want anything fro the pantry thats OK. But please as a community could we keep an eye out for those who would want to trash a great initiative to help our community.

Thank you Kingdly,
Naylar Uisa

4 hours ago

Take your taste buds on a tour of Auckland

Paul Reporter from Stuff

WARNING: This video is guaranteed to make you hungry. 🤤🤤🤤

From a 7-course chocolate degustation to the cheesiest toasted sandwich you've ever seen - these are some of most delicious food spots of them all. And the best part? They're all in Auckland.

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Who would you take along with you to taste these mouthwatering meals?