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Amitabha Hospice Joins All Our NZ Brothers & Sisters In Sadness & Prayers

Anjalee Pieries from Amitabha Hospice Service Trust

We send our heartfelt condolences to the people affected by the events in Christchurch on Friday. Our thoughts, prayers and sympathies are with all our fellow community and especially those families directly involved.

There is still hope for change. With wisdom we can recognise the danger of hatred in our own hearts and clearly understand the causes that lead to such violence. Our enemy is not a person, a white supremacist or any racial, political group but the only enemy is the ‘hatred’ that comes in all its different forms. If we can begin to consider hatred as the enemy of yours and mine, then we can begin to transform our hatred into loving and compassion making no space available for our only enemy –“HATRED” to thrive in this world.

To all the victims of violence and their families, please accept our heartfelt sympathy. May hatred of all forms be eradicated with kindness and clarity

- Amitabha Hospice Team

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Why 2021 will be the year of the long weekend

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

Good news – 2021 is set to be the year of the long weekend.

Five out of 10 public holidays will be Mondayised (or Tuesdayised in one case) next year, which means if you work a standard Monday to Friday week, you can look forward to some extended breaks.

In fact, once you’ve tacked on the weekends, you’ll end up getting a whopping 25 days off out of those 10 stat days, plus your region’s anniversary day.

To find out how to get the most out of your annual leave next year, click here.

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What is double glazing?

RetroFit Double Glazing - Auckland West

What is double glazing? We’ve put together some information that might help you with your research if you're considering getting retrofit double glazing click here to read. If you’re interested, we offer a free no obligation quote click here or call us on 0800 658 658.

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Exceed retractable insect screens

Philip from Exceed we fix windows & doors

Keep out annoying bugs and enjoy the warmer weather ☀️?
With a whiff of Spring in the air now, you can start thinking about Summer…
Exceed’ s retractable insect screens for windows and doors are the perfect solution to enjoy a bug free and spray free home ?

Our clever screens can be pulled into place when needed, then pushed back into a discrete, tidy cassette when not in use.

✅They are smooth and easy to operate

✅They are stylish, robust and a significant innovation over old-style hinged or sliding screens that were permanently visible all year round

✅They can be colour matched to your joinery

✅They provide natural ventilation

✅They fit most window and door configurations including, hinged, bi-fold, sliders and French doors

Keep the bugs and mozzies away ?

Give us a call today on 0800 25 25 00 so we can make sure your order is placed early and the screens are ready for summertime!