239 days ago

Amitabha Hospice Joins All Our NZ Brothers & Sisters In Sadness & Prayers

Anjalee Pieries from Amitabha Hospice Service Trust

We send our heartfelt condolences to the people affected by the events in Christchurch on Friday. Our thoughts, prayers and sympathies are with all our fellow community and especially those families directly involved.

There is still hope for change. With wisdom we can recognise the danger of hatred in our own hearts and clearly understand the causes that lead to such violence. Our enemy is not a person, a white supremacist or any racial, political group but the only enemy is the ‘hatred’ that comes in all its different forms. If we can begin to consider hatred as the enemy of yours and mine, then we can begin to transform our hatred into loving and compassion making no space available for our only enemy –“HATRED” to thrive in this world.

To all the victims of violence and their families, please accept our heartfelt sympathy. May hatred of all forms be eradicated with kindness and clarity

- Amitabha Hospice Team

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