45 days ago

Dog care

Neil from Greenhithe

Hi all
I'm looking for someone to look after my dog Toby while I am away for Christmas day and boxing day.
He is very good with people,children and other pets.

Can anyone help?

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45 minutes ago

Acrylic Nails

Lynanda from Torbay - Long Bay

Hi all I started my own nail salon from home on 1 September.... Very excited to let all know that all new clients get 50% on any nail service. Come have a cuppa☕ while you relax and your hands and feet get pampered. 💅😀

4 hours ago

Coronavirus is more of a reason to sort out the stadium

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, It's easy to say things shouldn't be done because we need to focus on Covid-19 elimination, but maybe that's more of an argument to sort out the stadium plan. Read the story below.

2 hours ago

Sale in Albany: property goes for $1.25 million

Property Sale Alert from homes.co.nz

A house at 10 Lucas Way in Albany has sold for $1.25 million.

The 240sqm home is larger than most homes in Albany.

The four-bedroom house has two bathrooms and its capital valuation is $1.4 million. The median CV in Albany is $1.02 million. This home sold on June 12, 2020.

This information is courtesy of homes.co.nz. It becomes available as soon the sale is processed by the local council. This can sometimes take up to three months.