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1 day ago

Wee Jobs

The Team from Wee Jobs

Need some help with wee jobs around the house? Check out our website for what we can do for you!

7 hours ago

Your ticket to smashing the mortgage!

Hey Neighbour! If you want to get mortgage-free faster, you’re invited to come along to financial expert Hannah McQueen’s seminar – at a discount!

Tickets to ‘Get Mortgage-Free & Build Wealth in 10 years or Less’ are just $15, but use the code ‘neighbourly’ and you’ll be able to bring a friend/partner for FREE.

Low interest rates mean your Auckland-sized mortgage probably hurts a little less than it used to – but rates are creeping up, making Now the time to smash that mortgage & get ahead.

6pm, Wednesday June 30th at Trusts Arena Henderson.

6pm, Thursday July 1st, and the North Shore Golf Club, Albany
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20 hours ago

Bengal Cat needs a new home

Toni from Riverhead

Hi Neighbours,
TC (Top Cat) is half Bengal, 10 months old, desexed and vaccinated.
He has been left on our property, as his owner suddenly went into hospice.
I am unable to take him due to allergies.
TC is house trained and affectionate. He is very smart and very vocal and sociable.
TC has litter box, toys, food and hairbrush.
I am hoping he will find a good home.
Please message me for more info.