Community Organisation

38B Atkin Avenue
Mission Bay
Auckland 1071

Downlights NZ is a New Zealand owned and operated fragranced soy candle company that manufactures luxury candles using artisanal techniques. Our candles are lovingly hand poured and the entire manufacturing process supports the development of a variety of workplace skills for people with Downs syndrome amongst other disabilities. As social entrepreneurs, the team offer their latest candle ranges to schools, community groups and charities so that they can fulfil their fundraising endeavours. Made with love, the candles result in a superior New Zealand hand crafted candle range that empower people with disabilities. The company’s tagline ‘illuminate-care-change’ amplifies their dream to set an example for other employers in New Zealand by looking to ‘illuminate’ and light the way by creating jobs and showing ‘care’ as a community by offering opportunities within our company. We hope that one day, this will pave the way for ‘change’ that leads to greater acceptance for people with special needs to be placed and valued in today’s growing workforce. Started in May 2018, the Downlights NZ team comprising Managing Director Jennifer Del Bel and co-founders father and daughter team, Tony and Emma Sykes. Emma 23, her sister Nicki 22 who have Downs syndrome and from the MOXIE team, Jack, Kirsty, Taylor and Oliver. The team currently operate from their Mission Bay office and workshop making about 1000 candles a week sold on both the Downlights NZ and Illumina NZ company websites and through Downlights Fundraising, a fund-raising entity that assists schools, groups and clubs to raise funds for various causes by providing high quality products that can be sold within different networks.