53 days ago

Found pet bird

Maxine from Fernside


We have found a pet bird in our back yard. If anyone is missing a pet bird, or knows someone who is missing a pet bird please message me. Found on Rowse street/South Belt Rangiora.

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2 days ago

Christchurch recycling temporarily halted during Covid-19 crisis

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

Mixed paper, plastic and glass from Christchurch and Banks Peninsula households will go to landfill, instead of being recycled. If people are struggling to fit all their general rubbish in their red wheelie bin during the lockdown, they can put excess in the yellow wheelie bin - temporarily.

6 hours ago

Cross contamination.

Alan from Loburn

Hi all, CROSS CONTAMINATION IS HUGE> Think about it, don"t do it.
Here is an example, YOU are the designated shopper, you drive your vehicle to the supermarket, good so far, but think about this , did you have a mask ready to wear if you were pulled over by police .
Arrive at the supermarket, with your mask, gloves , glasses on grab a trolley was the handle clean or did you put gloves on, sanitiser at the door, did you have to push a lever to get the sanitiser, previous potential cross contamination, into supermarket, 2 meter rule, with your gloves on pick up what you want to buy into trolley, complete shop, check out, items are put through, handled by gloved person , into new trolley from last person, was the trolley handle cleaned, how was it cleaned, did the cleaner take off cross contaminated gloves and put on new gloves? how to pay, if you use money, did you get change, was the change cleaned before you received it, cross contamination is huge, we really need to think about this, . When I trained as a hygiene specialist in the NZ Army my eyes were opened to a whole new bug/ cross contamination world,
Thanks for reading my post, hope it helps all of us to get through this,Take back responsibility for ourselves and what we do, don"t rely on others ITS YOUR HEALTH .

1 hour ago

One person injured in collision between car, horse and rider in Canterbury

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

A horse and a person have been injured in collision in Balcairn in North Canterbury.

The incident happened on Marshmans Rd, between Flemings and Stokes Rd, at 9.50am on Sunday.