74 days ago

More gaming machine licences for the CBD?

Stephen from Central Whangarei

I was quite surprised to see this:-

I naively thought we, like many other districts, would have a sinking lid policy, rather than allowing movements like this. Do we want this?

Submissions close at 4pm tomorrow.

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1 day ago


Glen from Central Whangarei

Looking for recommendations I have a small stream I have planted in a lovely garden but a wandering jew plant has covered everything. Underneath the wandering Tradescantia plant is a lovely garden.
This is on a bit of a bank so I need somebody to remove the wandering jew plant they would start at the bottom standing in the stream pulling the wandering jew plant down and removing it I have an eel and fish in the stream they must be treated with respect.
As the wandering jew plant is removed, and the garden revealed other items will need trimming.

I have a disability and it is so overgrown I can not get out there to see what else needs doing

The vegetation would need to be removed from the site or I may get a garden bin in.

4 days ago

Skoota still isn't HOME

Alison Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

His owner's heart is breaking -
I miss you "Monkey". Your Mum misses you.
And your Trout misses you.
Every morning for the last 78 days the three of us have had to put the mask on.
The mask of a happy face, with a big smile on it, just to pretend all is normal and nothing has changed.
But let me tell you one thing Skoota, there is so much sadness that like tonight it is even hard to start writing something.
Tonight "Monkey" I am your dad, she is you mum, he is your brother. Tonight we are scared.
Tonight we are still looking for answers and we don't get them.
Tonight again we hope for a miracle, a sign, a voice with a real answer.
We are scared for you. For us three it is easier as we stick together, hug together and cry together.
We are scared as you are probably on your own.
Tonight we don't understand and you probably don't understand.
But we are still here for you, the door remains open as closing it would be starting to give up on you. We will not.
Skoota tonight we are scared for you.

Please - If you see someone with a new friend (Skoota) - please get him back to his family by calling the numbers above. This is so SAD.

7 days ago

Vac Numbers?

Adelle from Central Whangarei

I am confuesed. I have spoken to others who like me have seen people getting Jabs but our percentages have not changed since the end of November. The numbers are why we are at red so with people getting jabs but numbers saying that there has not been a single injection in Northland?