36 days ago

Hundertwasser Centre again

Peter Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

Once upon a time I was quite a fan of Hundertwasser, his painting style that is, back in the 1970s and 80s. The buildings he designed, well, they look very interesting, and appealed to me visually, but I remember hearing that the people living in them in Vienna and Paris didn't like them all that much.
Today I saw that the majority of the Whangarei Hundertwasser Centre has been finally revealed to view.
As far as my sense of aesthetics and design goes, there's only one thing I can say: What an atrocity. What a mind-bogglingly disproportionate eyesore. It fails to capture the spirit of the Hundertwasser designed houses I've seen; I completely fail to perceive any merit in this particular design. How sad. How astonishingly ugly. Call in the demolition crews ...

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2 days ago

Gas regulator needs fitted

Chris and Ellen from Rural West Whangarei

Hi, looking for a registered gas fitter to replace the regulator on our outside gas bottles. Thanks

3 days ago

What do you think of the nine-month toxic chemical clean-up underway?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Authorities are bearing the $3m costs of a nine-month clean-up of a toxic chemical stockpile at Marsden Point, Ruakaka, but hope to recover the costs from the companies involved. The work is so dangerous, regular monitoring is needed to test for explosive or flammable air.

16 hours ago

Australorp young Rooster

Rose from Hikurangi Coastal

Hi, does anyone want my rooster? He’s a very handsome fellow and about 6 months old. Australorps are Australian Black Orpington - black with emerald green.