126 days ago

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More messages from your neighbours
15 hours ago

Come Home Snoopy-Do....It's getting cold out there...

Alison Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

***Update: 8 weeks missing. A logging truck driver saw you a month ago walking the same stretch of road as a previous sighting, along West Coast Rd heading to Panguru. Looking lost, skinny and trailing some kind of leash. This breaks our heart all over again. Please stop for him. Somehow we will find you, keep going little man.***
Snoop has been missing for 8 weeks.
It has been hard 😥

He is a 4 year old, male foxy cross, small, black and tan dog.

Thanks to friends we have printed off some big posters and will put them up around the north.

He could be anywhere but sightings have been Mangamuka/Kohukohu/Panguru way. We are also looking Kaitaia and surrounding areas, and Whangarei.

Please keep looking for our boy. If you see him walking the highway stop. It means he has escaped and is trying to find his way home.

We love him. We want him back.

A reward is offered for his return, no questions asked.

Come home Snoopy-do.

Rach and Ryan 094061591 or 0223662151

*please share his photo around 🙏

12 hours ago

kids and the law.

Dianne from Kensington

Everyone should find and read this article below. Its too long to paste here.This explains so succinctly why we have so many teens doing crime and how they so easily get away with it...There is NO deterrent or punishment that makes criminal behaviour not worth doing....because if you dont care about your community at all it actually IS worth doing...and it's obviously a fun thing to be doing!.

21 days ago

If you have Skoota -

Alison Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

Today marks 187 days since Skoota went missing and it has been a sad day for us. So just one more thing. The picture today is what will be the new sign for Skoota.
We decided to change it to create new awareness. Do the RIGHT Thing and take him home. Or if you know who has Skoota - Report it PLEASE.