62 days ago

How do you think we should deal with sea level rise and coastal erosion?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

One Whangārei community is having a sea wall built to help stop coastal erosion while in another Northland community locals are advocating for managed retreat. What do you think we should do in response to this very real threat on our doorstep?

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7 hours ago

All Welcome

Jesse from Kamo

See photo for details

3 days ago

Civil Defence are?

Ralph Darcy from Central Whangarei

Makes you wonder what all the fuss is about when today we get siren warnings with a 8.0 earthquake near the Kermadec island Raoul and yesterday in the same area there was a 8.1 and no warning from Civil Defence? Can anyone explain why the difference response from CD.

9 hours ago

lost cat

Jane from Kensington

Fred, our much loved Tonkinese has gone missing from our house in Graham St. in Kensington. He 6 years old, chocolate and light brown, has blue eyes and a white patch on his left front leg. He's been missing since the 24th but we were tramping so have just got back and are really missing him. His favourite person has just gone off to university and he's probably missing her. If you could check your sheds or any likely hiding places we'd be really grateful. Please contact Jane on 0210302572 with any information. Thank you <3