71 days ago

Poll: Should landlords supply heating?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

A Whangārei community advocate says Healthy Homes heating standards can't come in soon enough after the Tenancy Tribunal ruled landlords only have to provide a power point to meet heating requirements. What do you think - should landlords supply heating, even when it is not legally required?

Should landlords supply heating?
  • 66.1% No - tenants should pay for their own heaters
    66.1% Complete
  • 32.2% Yes - supplying a heater is the least a landlord can do
    32.2% Complete
  • 1.7% Other (please explain in comments below)
    1.7% Complete
59 votes
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1 day ago

Razor blades in the walls....

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Has anyone ever seen something like the image below in an older Kiwi home? Does anyone remember them from their childhood? These strange slots allowed you to rid yourself of an old razor and never think of it again...but it also meant, years down the track, that someone renovating would be in for a nasty, rusty surprise.
I'm certain I've seen something like this here in Aotearoa-NZ, but can't for the life of me recall where. It was in the back of the medicine cupboard. Let us know if you've seen, had - or have - one in your home.

7 minutes ago

Seed Sharing for Neighbours Day!

The Team from Neighbours Day Aotearoa

We love how creative some people are with their plant giving! This is for goodie bags for a 7 year olds party but we reckon you could borrow this wonderful idea for the Neighbours Day Aotearoa Great Plant Swap!
What a lovely gift to get and it's not just kids who love sunflowers.

ADDED BONUS: if you give your neighbours sunflower seeds you would get to enjoy their beautiful flowers too!

Have you signed up for Neighbours Day 2021 yet? There's lots of ways you can join in...check out our website to register today:

5 hours ago

NZTA scam

Patricia from Kamo

This morning I received an email from NZ Transport Agency <nzta.govt.nz@connect.com.fj>.
NZTA have confirmed it is a scam.
Please be wary and check that the address the email is coming from is the correct address. In this case it should be @nzta.govt.nz
If you think the email is legit but not 100% sure don't click on the link in the email but go to the organization's correct website.