198 days ago

Build your own storage planter

The Team from Resene ColorShop Silverdale

What’s better than a new planter box?

One that serves as a place to stash plant pots or tuck a hose out of sight too.

Make the most of this weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene. Find out how to create this project yourself.

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6 days ago

NumberWorks'nWords question time.

NumberWorks'nWords Whangarei

If you could ask any historical figure one question, who would it be and what would you ask?

13 days ago

Favourite foodie finds

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
We'd be keen to hear about your favourite foodie finds on your travels through NZ. Have you come across a particularly amazing cafe, bakery restaurant or food truck? Had an especially delicious pie, burger, sandwich, smoothie bowl or cronut? Been to what must be one of the country's best fish and chip joints? Or been pleasantly surprised by a town's food scene? Please share the details below and include 'NFP' (not for publication) in your comment if you don't want it included in an article. Cheers.

17 minutes ago

Grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn coming up soon

Oliver Neighbourly Lead from One Tree Point

For those of us who like a bit of astronomy and enjoy watching our beautiful southern skies, we are in for a rare treat, as Jupiter and Saturn come so close to each other that they will almost look like a single shining planet in the sky.
This event, known as a grand conjunction, happens about once every 20 years, and in New Zealand it will be about 2am on 22 December.
There's also a penumbral lunar eclipse coming up this Monday 30 November, between 8:30pm and 1am. It would be entirely visible from NZ, but unfortunately the weather is forecast to be cloudy at that time, so there might not be much to see, and as it's only a penumbral one, it wouldn't be a "blood moon" anyway.