76 days ago

A handy hack for your vege garden

The Team from Resene ColorShop Te Rapa

River-stone markers are the perfect way to identify your freshly planted seeds and seedlings, while adding a decorative touch to your vegetable garden.

Make the most of this weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene.

Find out how to create this quick and easy project yourself

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7 days ago

Poll: Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

The SPCA says a new $300 fine is helping to spread the warning that people should not leave their dogs in hot cars.
What do you think - is the message getting through to dog owners?

Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?
  • 25% Yes, the $300 fine helps
    25% Complete
  • 9.1% Yes, owners better understand the risks
    9.1% Complete
  • 61.4% No, I still see dogs in hot cars
    61.4% Complete
  • 4.5% Other (please say what in the comments below)
    4.5% Complete
44 votes
14 hours ago

Needing a carpet layer

Liz from Rural West Whangarei

Hi everyone, My dad needs a carpet layer for a small job in his house out at Ngunguru.
Can anybody help here or know of anybody who lays carpet please?

2 days ago

New World Supermarket

Chris from Maunu

I've heard rumours that a new World Supermarket is to be built in Maunu Village, behind the garden centre/Jolt Cafe. Any truth in it? Thank you.