64 days ago

Local Elections 2019 on Policy Local

Oliver Neighbourly Lead from One Tree Point

Policy Local makes it easy to see what sets the candidates apart in the local elections.
The Policy Local team surveyed over 3,000 local election candidates for their policy positions on a range of topics, from climate change to rates. Policy Local presents the candidates’ policies on each topic side by side, and we can favourite the policies we like to make it easier to cast our votes.
Let's find out who’s running in the local elections and what they stand for.

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1 hour ago

Should councils provide pensioner housing?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Mangawhai pensioners are concerned about where they might end up living after Kaipara District Council decided it should no longer provide social housing. Do you think councils should provide pensioner housing? why or why not?

7 hours ago

Te Pōkaitahi Reo Programmes

Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi

Te Pōkaitahi Reo

KIA ORA! Do you want to learn Te Reo Māori, improve your competence in Māori conversations and enhance your knowledge of Tikanga and Mātauranga?

Our Te Pōkaitahi Reo certificates are fee-free and graduates will obtain an understanding and awareness of te reo that can be used amongst whānau and in employment.

These programmes provide a pathway to develop skills and knowledge to protect, maintain and enrich mātauranga taonga tuku iho for current and future generations from beginners to more advanced levels.

If you’d like to study with us locally in Te Tai Tokerau, we’d love to hear from you!
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8 days ago

New Blue Recycling Bins

Tom from Onerahi

Ok I can forsee more expenditure coming for the new District council. These new blue bins are one third smaller than the red bins. As I am aware we need to do alot more to reduce waste and recycle more. Why did the council not consider placing strategically bottlebanks every 5 -10 streets, and arrange to have them emptied every 2-3 weeks. I live in an area where i know that some homes use two red bins to put out their empty beer and wine bottles along with the plastic bottles containers and jars. I have a feeling that there will be alot of people going into the council in a months time saying their blue bins have developed legs and walked of with friendly people to live at their addresses in order to get new bins. I am sooo looking forward to how the district council explain this one.