50 days ago

Stay safe

Glen from Central Whangarei

I went to Pohe Island Skate Park yesterday - love the facilities, excellent for our community. I love what is being developed.
I became disabled after suffering a head injury from a bike accident. It was terribly disappointing to see at least 30% of kids at the skate park not wearing helmets.
So, I have co-created this safety sign which I think should be used at all skate parks and BMX tracks.

One injured child is one too many.



Kia Kaha

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12 hours ago

We are soooo LUCKY living in a VERY SPECIAL place....

Alison Shrigley Reporter from Whangārei Leader

Check out our latest Kiwi match, Chris Humfrey and Kama
A Message from the Pukenui Rangers ..

"Chris Humfrey (Kiwi) had done the work for us and removed his transmitter of his own accord which left us thinking that was the end of it. It turned out however that he was huddled up in a nearby burrow with Kama, neither being too impressed about being disturbed! They were pulled out, weighed, and put back in the burrow to continue doing their thing, an early sign of breeding activity I reckon!"

Thanks especially to Carl Dowd from Pataua North Landcare who has been helping out immensely in the forest in tracking kiwi and health checks. Shout out to Pukenui hard working rangers Ben Lovell and Bevan Cramp and Kiwi Namesake the real Chris Humfrey (human)

8 days ago

Have you been able to book a Covid-19 vaccine appointment?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangārei Leader

A plan to offer Covid-19 vaccines to everyone over 50 in Northland has been called “a shambles”, as those over 75, who should have been high priority, cannot get a booking to get their dose. Last week, Northland District Health Board decided to buck Ministry of Health recommendations and open up its vaccine clinics to all over-50s. But with 73,000 Northlanders in this age group, it has been overwhelmed with demand, receiving an average of 50 calls an hour and more than 2000 emails to book an appointment. Have you had the same problems, or have you been able to book a vaccine appointment?

19 hours ago

What's On: Senior Chef

Nikki from Central Whangarei

A 9 week cooking class for over 60's, come and learn, or improve on your practical food and nutrition skills. Social, informative and hands-on. A few spaces are available. Ph4376397
Senior Chef
  • Anglican Care Centre